Multiple Teams · Chinn Looks to Send Bosse Back to State

,, published March 16, 2017

Jaylin Chinn could’ve started for almost every team in the Southern Indiana Athletic Conference last year based on pure talent.

Yet Bosse’s point guard Erik Bell led the state in assists. The other starting guard, Mekhi Lairy, averaged 18.0 points per game. Chinn, then a sophomore, still played significant minutes, but only as a reserve.

He essentially became Bosse’s secret weapon because he could change the momentum upon entering the game. And with 15 points at last year’s semistate, Chinn boosted the Bulldogs to their first state berth since 2007.

“Chinn is a walking bucket,” senior Jaidon Hunter said.

Chinn is now a starter in the backcourt alongside Lairy. He turns tenacious defense into points in transition. He can erupt for six or eight points in a minute, whether he’s driving to the basket or pulling up mid-range.

“His pull-up jumper is like a layup,” coach Shane Burkhart said.

The Bulldogs’ backcourt isn’t tall, but it’s elusive. Chinn is listed at 5-foot-11; Lairy at 5-10. Both of those are heights are generous, too.

They only know how to play quickly. They dictate the pace. When Lairy is shooting lights-out like he did with 75 points during Saturday’s two regional games, Chinn defers to the hot hand. When he’s feeling it himself, Lairy will Chinn.

“When I see an opportunity for me to score I try to take it every time,” Chinn said.

He never slows, either.

“The crazy thing about it is he’s the fastest kid we have and you wouldn’t be able to tell,” Burkhart said. “He’s the most explosive kid we have too and sometimes he doesn’t show that either.”